2017 English Channel swim

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Countdown to 2019 Cook Strait

It's countdown to Cook Strait,  my last swim challenge of the Oceans Seven.  I will be in Wellington, New Zealand with my son Tom on Monday, February 25, 2019.   My five day slot begins on Wednesday, February 27.   My boat pilot and organizer of this swim is Philip Rush.  This swim will start early morning and I will swim 16 miles between the North and South Island of New Zealand.  This swim will be very challenging due to its cold, rough water,  strong currents, and frightening marine life.   My boat pilot will decide the morning of my swim which start location (North or South Island) depending on currents and wind.  If he decides to start me on the South Island, we will take a boat ride to the start.   I am currently training six days per week.  My focus has been on improving my stroke technique so I can swim faster.   I have been very fortunate to have Suzi Boccanfuso,  Head Coach of the Casco Bay Y  swim team,  give me weekly swim lessons.   She has been a tremendous  help and my swim pace has certainly improved.    To have a successful swim of Cook Strait, a swimmer not only needs to be fast but needs Mother Nature on their side.   Currents are very strong in the Strait.  Five years ago, I attempted Cook Strait and experienced a DNF (did not finish) due to strong currents slowing my pace.
   If I am successful, this would be a world record for the Oldest Person to complete the Oceans Seven (Guinness World Record) and a record for the Oldest Woman to swim Cook Strait.  My good friend Marilyn Korzekwa of Canada is the current record holder set at the age of 59.    I will be celebrating my 68th birthday in February before my swim.
   I will have a Spot Tracker activated 10 minutes prior to the start of my swim.  See link below.
    Once I arrive in Wellington, I will have contact with my boat pilot to discuss which day he recommends for a swim.   I will update my blog on the day and time of my swim.  Hopefully,  two days after my swim,  I will attempt to swim 24 miles across Lake Taupo on the North Island.   Lake Taupo is part of the Still Water Eight Challenge (Eight challenging lake swim worldwide).  So far, I have found these lake swims to be as challenging as any ocean swims.  To date, I have completed four out of the Still Water Eight:  Lake Ontario, Lake Tahoe, Loch Ness, and Lake Windermere.
     Many thanks to my family and friends for their encouragement and support.  Also, I would like to thank Swimsuits for All and Lake Region Imports for their sponsorship.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame

On November 10, 2018 I received a surprise of a lifetime during the Global Open Water Summit in San Francisco.    While sitting in the audience,  I watched several outstanding speakers give fabulous presentations on open water swimming.    Ned Denison, the Chairperson of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame gave his video presentation from Ireland.   I was sitting in the audience watching a large projector screen of the above video.  I was stunned when I heard my name called that I had been inducted into the IMSHOF.    I cried tears of joy.  Many thanks to IMSHOF for voting me into the Hall of Fame.  A special thank you to Ned Denison for surprising me.....it’s a moment that I will always cherish.
   It takes a team for a solo swimmer to be successful.   Many thanks to my husband, children,
grandchildren, family, friends, and all my crew members and boat pilots for their incredible support.   Thank you to the best friend ever, Yoko Aoshima, who has been a tremendous swimming partner.   A special thank you to my son Tom for encouraging me many years ago to try open water swimming as a tribute to my brother Robbie.   To Robbie and Johnny this is for you.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Nominated for WOWSA, Woman of the Year

The World Open Water Swimming Association has announced the nominees for the 2018 World Open Water Swimmer, Woman of the Year.   At the age of 67, I am humbled and honored to be nominated along with fourteen swimmers worldwide.   The voting has started on the website World Open Water Swimming Association (see attached link).  Anyone can vote.   Please read all nominations and vote today.   You can only vote once per email address.   Voting ends on December 31.  Winner will be announced on January 1.  Thank you.


Monday, September 17, 2018

Never Too Old

The World Open Water Swimming Association will be holding their Global Open Water Conference in San Francisco in November.   I am greatly looking forward to giving a presentation on the topic “Never Too Old”.  Please visit the website “Daily News of Open Water Swimming” for further information.   Thank you. http://dailynews.openwaterswimming.com/2018/09/never-too-old-facing-challenges-with.html

Contact information:  patgallant.charette@gmail.com

Monday, September 3, 2018

Video of Loch Ness, 2018

I have posted a video of my Loch Ness swim on the desktop version of my blog.   Also, this video can be viewed on YouTube.   Please visit my YouTube channel and select Loch Ness, 2018.  Thank you.

Contact information:  patgallant.charette@gmail.com