2017 English Channel swim

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2013 Peaks to Portland Swim

The 32nd Annual Peaks to Portland Swim, a 2.4 mile ocean swim, was held on Saturday, July 13 under sunny skies. The Cumberland County YMCA organized this event. Again this year, they did a fantastic job by providing a safe, fun swim.  From Peaks Island the first wave of swimmers and their escort kayaker started at 9 a.m. and then every few minutes a wave of swimmers and their escort kayaker followed with a total of five waves. A few swimmers opted for no escort kayaker. There were safety boats along the course, too. The swim started on a slack tide.  The incoming tide did not start until late in the swim.  Water temperature was a balmy 65 degrees. Swimmers enjoyed the scenic route pass Fort Gorges at the entrance of Casco Bay.  Of the 400 registered entrants, only 23 swimmers opted for the non-wetsuit category.  The remainder of swimmers wore wetsuits.   The winner of the Men's non-wetsuit division was Michael Leake of Bennington, Vt in a time of 59:09.5.  Again, this year he led the pack in the non-wetsuit division.  He is an amazing young man and talented swimmer   The winner of the Women's Non-wetsuit division was Carla Dropo of Beverly, MA in a time of 1:04.33.5. She proved to be a very strong and fast endurance swimmer.  Japanese marathon swimmer Miyuke Fujita (non-wetsuit) was honored for traveling the longest distance to compete in Peaks to Portland.  The record breaking crowd of spectators enjoyed a great view from East End Beach.  All swimmers received words of congratulations and a medal as they crossed the finish line.    The winner of the Men's wetsuit division was Scott Yeomans of Bethlehem,PA.  The winner of Women's wetsuit division was Kirsten Read of Arundel, Me.    Congratulation to all swimmers.  And many thanks to all the volunteers who did an incredible job. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Miyuki Fujita to swim the Peaks to Portand in Maine

After traveling nearly twenty hours from Japan to Maine, Miyuki Fujita (far right) arrived with a smiling face and ready to swim the Peaks to Portland Challenge, a 2.4 mile ocean swim scheduled for Saturday, July 13.  My training partner and great friend, Yoko Aoshima (far left), will be participating in this event for her third year. This will be my 14th year to swim the P2P.  The Cumberland County YMCA is promoting this event as a fundraiser for their swim programs.  It is a very worthy cause.  My friend Yoko did not know how to swim five years ago. She took swim lessons at the YMCA.  And now, she is a very strong swimmer and she will be swimming in the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim Relay in New York City next month. I am so proud of her accomplishments.  You are invited to come to East End Beach and watch this spectacular swim.  There are nearly 400 swimmers participating. There will be a wetsuit division and non-wetsuit division.  Miyuki and I will be in the non-wetsuit division.  Also, please visit the Cumberland County YMCA website and sponsor an athlete of your choosing.  All donations go directly to the Y swim programs. Thank you.

Monday, July 8, 2013

First woman to complete Oceans' Seven.....Anna-Carin Nordin

Today Anna-Carin Nordin of Sweden swam the treacherous North Channel between Ireland and Scotland in a time of 14 hours and 21 minutes. She made history by becoming the first woman to complete the Oceans Seven Challenge.  I met and trained with Anna while in Japan last year. Her great love of marathon swimming was overwhelming to witness.  Anna is an incredible, great athlete and person... She deserves worldwide recognition for her awesome achievement. Congratulations, Anna!