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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Strait of Gibraltar Swim Association.....New Records

Rafael Gutierrez, President of the Strait of Gibraltar Swim Association (ACNEG), announced last week that starting in 2011, records for age categories will be established. This is exciting news for all marathon swimmers worldwide. It's been long overdue that swimmers should be recognized for their achievements in their designated age groups. I hope that other swim organizations will start to follow his leadership. Currently most of the major marathon swims throughout the world have records for the fastest man /woman and oldest man/woman and don't acknowledge age group records. Marathon swimming is becoming more popular every year and most athletes enjoy comparing their swim times to others in their age group. Rafael has the positive insight to move this sport forward. I would highly recommend for any marathon swimmer to attempt swimming the Strait of Gibraltar with ACNEG ...... Rafael and his crew are very dedicated to this sport and they make every attempt for a swimmer to be successful in their crossing. Thank you Rafael for adding these new record categories.