2017 English Channel swim

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The chance of being attacked by a shark in the English Channel or off the coast of Maine (my home State) is nil. However, swimming in warmer waters there is a greater chance of having an encounter. Marathon swimming has become very popular with destination swims of Catalina Channel in California, Tampa Bay in Florida, Maui Channel in the Hawaiian Islands, Strait of Gibraltar in Spain, are a few of the top swims---all known as shark infested areas. Since I will be swimming the Strait of Gibraltar in June, I wanted to share some of the safety tips that I have learned. Remove all jewelry-- anything that sparkles may attract sharks. Don't wear shiny tinted goggles. Don't wear black, brown, tan, white, or yellow bathing suits--- sharks may interpret that your a seal or a fish. Australian Penny Palfrey, world queen of marathon swimming and International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee, emailed me this morning and she recommended wearing "blend of blues" it looks like camouflage. She wore this type of bathing suit when she swam Santa Barbara Channel in California. I plan to follow these safety guidelines and have a safe fun swim.