2017 English Channel swim

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Ireland's Stephen Redmond successfully swam Tsugara Strait in Japan to become the first person in history to complete Oceans Seven.  This was his fourth attempt. His previous attempts were aborted due to strong winds and currents pushing him off course. Today, he proved to the world that his unending determination and endurance prevailed.  Way to go, Steve!   You are an inspiration to all!  Congratulations!

Monday, July 2, 2012

A tribute to Alexander Dale Oen

When 26-year-old Norwegian world champion swimmer Alexander Dale Oen died at a swim training camp in Arizona, our swim world was stunned and devastated.  Again, it was with great sadness to read the final report of his death posted by the Aftenposten website.   He died from "Coronary artery disease, narrowing of the blood vessels in the heart muscle due to serious atherosclerosis".  Also,the report mentioned that he "suffered small heart attacks a few months prior to his death. His complaints of shoulder discomfort was thought to be an injury was probably related to his heart disease." 
My deepest and sincere sympathy to his family, friends, and fellow swimmers.  I never knew Alexander but I feel the pain of his loss because my 34 year old brother died suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack,too.  Robbie was the swim captain of Northeastern University in Boston (USA).  Robbie was diagnosed with very high cholesterol levels and tryglycerides.  Today, there is treatment that would have helped my brother and Alexander.  Our swim community must bring an awareness of heart disease prevention and early treatment.  Next year, the 3rd annual global swim event called "Swim for your Heart..Feb14" will help bring this awareness in our community on a local level.  I'm asking swimmers worldwide to contact their local heart center or hospital and ask them to offer free blood pressures and cholesterol test to all swimmers from recreational to elite swimmers at poolside on February 14.  A medical team can distribute literature on prevention.   I'm inviting the country of Norway to participate as a tribute to Alexander.   I hope you will join me in this global effort.  Please visit the non-profit website for ideas on event planning http://swimforyourheartfeb14.com    or contact patgallant.charette@gmail for further information.  Thank you.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Penny Palfrey a woman of courage

Australian Penny Palfrey attempted to swim from Cuba to the United States.  After swimming for 40 hours and 3/4 of the distance to the finish, she was pulled from the water. The Strait of Florida is known for their aggressive marine life of sharks and jellyfish. She is to be applauded for her valiant and heroic effort.  Penny is an incredible endurance athlete. She continues to inspire me and millions of people to reach for their dreams.