2017 English Channel swim

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Post Swim update

Yesterday, I attempted to swim across the English Channel with hopes of setting a new world record for the oldest woman.   My marathon swim training prepared me well for this 21 mile swim.  However, Mother Nature provided very choppy conditions and I started getting motion sickness.  My crew and I were well prepared for that dilemma.  I was taking motion sickness medication daily for three days prior to my swim. Also, we had an array of medicines on board to deal with motion sickness.   Nothing worked.  I started vomiting within 2 hours of my swim. As conditions worsened, so did my vomiting.  I was prepared to swim no matter how long it took me to reach France.  Even if it meant breaking Jackie Cobell's longest time record of 28 hours.  I even had the number "28" written on my arm as a reminder of her epic swim.  But, my stomach could not tolerate any feeds. During my swim training, I had prepared myself for this type of event by swimming for six hours without food or fluid.  I felt like I had the endurance to reach France.  However, my boat pilot said that conditions were going to worsen. And, probably my vomiting would worsen, too.   I respected his concern.  My crew and I made the decision to abort my swim at 10 hours and 30 minutes    I was greatly disappointed but not defeated.  In life, we all deal with disappointments but we learn from these events.  We look forward and rise up. Many thanks to my boat crew David and Jeannie Gallant.  They are an outstanding boat crew. Also, I want to thank my husband Jim who is a huge positive support in my life.  Many thanks to my children for their unending love and support. Also, I want to thank boat pilots  Ray and Reg Brickell for their honesty and great piloting skills.  And a special thank you to all my extended family members and friends for their words of encouragement and support.   Thank you.    Now, on to the next adventure!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

News from crew...
"Swim over. Rough seas. She couldn't stop vomiting couldn't keep any nutrients down therefore losing energy and not making progress"

 Thank you for following along on my mom's swim journey attempt of the Englisg Channel .
She will updating her blog soon with more details.

Hi all!
This is Sarah Charette (Pat's' daughter). I will be posting updates from Pat's boat crew.
I just recieved word Pat has started her swim!
"Started about 7:10 England time several boats of relay teams started before us. Appears to be about 5 boats ahead of us as we begin"

Now that her boat the Viking Princess has live tracking I will only be posting updates when I hear from her boat crew.

click on link below for live tracking:

Friday, July 29, 2016

It's a Go!

On Saturday, July 30th I will attempt a solo crossing of the English Channel.  Start time will be 2am in Maine and in England 7am.    You can follow a live tracker by going to the English Channel Swimming Association and click on live tracker. Click on Viking Princess (Pilot Reg Brickell).  It will give updates every 10 minutes.  When you click on Viking Princess, there will be an icon with weather information, at the bottom of the icon the word "track" is highlighted.  Click on "track", this will show how far the current will push me off course.  Most swimmers swim in an "S" pattern.  Only the lucky swimmers swim straight across the channel.   At the age of 65 years and 179 days,  I continue to enjoy this wonderful sport of marathon swimming.  My crew will be my brother David and sister-in-law Jeannie. They are fantastic!  I want to thank my husband and children for always encouraging me to reach for my dreams.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Jackie Cobell ---Inspirational female swimmer

I've been an open water swimmer for the past 18 years.  Along the way I have been greatly inspired by many well known swimmers such as swim pioneer Lynne Cox, Queen of the English Channel Alison Streeter, and renowned Marathon Swim Hall of Fame swimmer Carol Sing.  But I have to admit, the number one female marathon swimmer who has inspired me the most is England's Jackie Cobell who successfully crossed the English Channel at the age of 56 in 28 hours and 44 minutes.  Setting a world record for the slowest swim across the English Channel.  Her tenacity, drive, and pure grit is beyond words. She is a role model for all swimmers.   On my next marathon swim I will be thinking of her determination.  Because of her never give up attitude.....my crew will write the number "28" on my arm as a reminder of her epic swim.  Thank you, Jackie Cobell, for your many contributions in the marathon swim world.