2017 English Channel swim

Friday, July 29, 2016

It's a Go!

On Saturday, July 30th I will attempt a solo crossing of the English Channel.  Start time will be 2am in Maine and in England 7am.    You can follow a live tracker by going to the English Channel Swimming Association and click on live tracker. Click on Viking Princess (Pilot Reg Brickell).  It will give updates every 10 minutes.  When you click on Viking Princess, there will be an icon with weather information, at the bottom of the icon the word "track" is highlighted.  Click on "track", this will show how far the current will push me off course.  Most swimmers swim in an "S" pattern.  Only the lucky swimmers swim straight across the channel.   At the age of 65 years and 179 days,  I continue to enjoy this wonderful sport of marathon swimming.  My crew will be my brother David and sister-in-law Jeannie. They are fantastic!  I want to thank my husband and children for always encouraging me to reach for my dreams.  


Anonymous said...

Go, go Pat!!!!!!! We are sending a "channel" of positive thoughts and wonderful wishes. All our best to you and your crew!

Your BC Friends

Shelley Probert said...

Thinking of you from Wellington NZ.
Brett and family.

docshock said...

Thinking of you, Pat, you are the best and what a challenge.