2017 English Channel swim

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Jackie Cobell ---Inspirational female swimmer

I've been an open water swimmer for the past 18 years.  Along the way I have been greatly inspired by many well known swimmers such as swim pioneer Lynne Cox, Queen of the English Channel Alison Streeter, and renowned Marathon Swim Hall of Fame swimmer Carol Sing.  But I have to admit, the number one female marathon swimmer who has inspired me the most is England's Jackie Cobell who successfully crossed the English Channel at the age of 56 in 28 hours and 44 minutes.  Setting a world record for the slowest swim across the English Channel.  Her tenacity, drive, and pure grit is beyond words. She is a role model for all swimmers.   On my next marathon swim I will be thinking of her determination.  Because of her never give up attitude.....my crew will write the number "28" on my arm as a reminder of her epic swim.  Thank you, Jackie Cobell, for your many contributions in the marathon swim world.

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Anonymous said...

You, Pat Charette, are my inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A BC11 friend