2017 English Channel swim

Friday, March 1, 2019

Results of Cook Strait swim

My swim started from the North Island of New Zealand on a very calm and sunny day.   I felt strong during my 12+ hours of swimming.   I had no doubt that I would finish.   Then Mother Nature provided very powerful currents and wind.   My boat pilot Philip Rush rightfully stopped my swim a few miles from the finish line for safety of  swimmer and crew.   As the zodiac boat got closer to the main boat,  a large wave caused the zodiac boat to crash into the main boat.  The zodiac was damaged and started to sink with Phil, Tom, and myself still in it with all our gear.   We scrambled to the safety of the main boat.   The Zodiac boat was hoisted to the back of the main boat.
  Swimming Cook Strait was quite the adventure even though my swim was a “DNF”.   I will not be returning to attempt again.   I am satisfied with completing six swims of the Oceans Seven.
   I would like to thank my family and friends for words of encouragement and support.  My son Tom was an incredible crew....I greatly appreciate everything he did.   And, thank you to my daughter Sarah for posting updates on Facebook.    My husband Jim is forever encouraging me to reach for my dreams...I can’t thank him enough.
Also, a special thank you to Suzi Boccanfuso for helping me improve my stroke....it worked.  And, finally many thanks to Yoko Aoshima, my best swim buddy ever....she helped to reinforce Suzi’s advice.