2017 English Channel swim

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Swimming Boot Camp

In less than ten months I will be attempting a solo swim of the North Channel between Ireland and Scotland. To prepare for such a challenging swim at the age of 64, I have increased my training.  I continue to work as a nurse 32 hours per week and help care for my grandchildren 40 plus hours per week.  On my days off from work, I capitalize on my training.  I call it my "Swim Boot Camp".  I will swim, cross train, and lift weights all in the same day for at least 3 days per week. I vary each bootcamp day with endurance swims, eliptical workouts, treadmill, rowing machine, powerwalk/jogs, stretch cords workouts, core workouts, etc.  I cannot afford a trainer so I go to Youtube and watch a number of their videos on swim training.  There are several outstanding swim videos with great workouts. My swim boot camp for the month of October will be a 4 to 5 hour training day.During the other days my training is less due to work and family commitments.  As each month gets closer to my target date of the North Channel, I will increase my training hours of swimming and cross train for a couple of hours all in the same day. I will not taper until I board the plane for Ireland.  Today, I had a boot camp day.  This morning I swam for 2.5 hours and incorporated speed work in the last hour. Afterwards, I combined a power walk and jog for one hour. Then, I used a rowing machine for half hour.  Afterwards, I weight lifted for an hour....I worked on my upper body and core. Then, I used swimming stretch cords to work on my technique.  Also, I continue to follow a healthy eating plan.  I consume healthy snack every two hours during my training and I drink lots of water.  Since I'm trying to lose weight, I watch my carbohydrate intake, too.  So far I have lost about 15 pounds.  Also, I have continued with cold acclimation. On the day I attempt the North Channel, I know that I will have done all the necessary training to cross this grueling channel.