2017 English Channel swim

Friday, March 29, 2013

Cook Strait swim dedicated to.......

Last week I was in a featured article in the April issue of Oprah Magazine.  The story is about six women who dare...the issue is about confidence.  It was a great honor to be selected for this national magazine.  However, this week my confidence was shaken by a diagnostic test for breast cancer that was abnormal.  It was a very frightening experience for me to go through.  Many years ago my father in his mid-forties had a mastectomy due to a cancerous lump.  At that time, I never heard of men having breast cancer but now it is common knowledge. So for many years, I wondered if I would inherit a genetic predisposition for this disease.  Today, I returned to the hospital to have another mammogram and much to my surprise and relief, the result was no cancer.  While walking out of the hospital, I realized how fortunate I was to leave there with good news.  I could not help but think of the number of women who I have met in my life that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. They have inspired me with their inner strength, determination, and confidence.  In honor of these inspirational women, my New Zealand swim of Cook Strait will be dedicated to them.  I will have my crew post a sign with their names for each mile of my swim.  I will be thinking of their courage and how they have inspired me.