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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Training method "Total Body Confusion"

There are several types of training methods used by marathon swimmers. I use the training method called "Total Body Confusion" . It's simply training yourself physically and mentally to swim, swim, swim---no matter what happens. Some days I train early morning, the following day I start my swim after 4pm. It's very important to train at different times of the day---including night swims. If a swimmer only trains early morning, the swimmer may have a difficult time adjusting to a swim that begins late evening. So, it's very important to "mix" the time of day training to confuse your body. Included in this training method is swimming in choppy conditions. Again, a swimmer needs to "confuse" the body to swim no matter if the open water condition is calm or choppy. Also, swimming in clear water is wonderful but a swimmer needs to learn to swim through patches of seaweed and debris. Again, this confuses the body to swim, swim, swim. This type of training mentally prepares you for any open water swims.

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