2017 English Channel swim

Monday, September 20, 2010


Today I received this photo of Philippe Croizon from friends Evelyn and David from Dover, England.  Philippe  is a quadruple amputee who successfully swam across the English Channel in a time of 13 and 1/2hours.  He had his limbs amputated after a tragic electrical shock accident.  I am in awe of his accomplishment.   He is my new hero.   Such determination and spirit.  Congratulations, Philippe.   His next quest is swimming the Strait of Gibraltar.  Go, Philippe!! You're an inspiration. 

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Henley18 said...

I was in NH the last 4 days and had missed this news. It is hard to understand why the idea of swimming the channel could every take hold in his mind much less end in success. It is an awsome testament to the humand spirit and to those that assisted him to make it possible.