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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Strait of Gibraltar's Half Century Club

I recently read a wonderful article on the Strait of Gibraltar's Half-Century Club by Steven Munatones.  This club is exclusively for swimmers who have successfully crossed the Strait of Gibraltar after their 50th birthday.   His blogs "The Daily News of Open Water Swimming" "The Water is Open" and "Open Water Source" are the most comprehensive swim sites that I have visited.  He mentioned other "Half-Century" clubs for other well known swims such as Catalina, English Channel, Cook Strait and Molokai  Channel.  Because a swimmer has reached their 50th birthday, it doesn't mean their swim career is over.  It may be just the beginning to a very rewarding swim career.  In my case,  at the age 59 I had one the best swims of my life ...... In June, I set the U.S Woman's record for the Strait of Gibraltar swim with a time of 3 hours and 28 minutes and placed fastest time for the Half-Century Club among women and men since 1928.  I did not start this swim with the intention of breaking any records....I was blessed with perfect conditions.   If you are approaching your 50th birthday....celebrate...celebrate...celebrate.    And recognize that the best is yet to come.   Go for it!

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