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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oceans Seven Challenge

  This year history will be made in the marathon swim world with a swimmer successfully completing the Oceans Seven Challenge.  It is expected that in June, Ireland's Stephen Redmond will complete his 7th swim of the challenge when he swims the Tsugaru Strait in Japan.  Likewise, Australia's Penney Palfrey is expected to complete her 7th swim of the  challenge in August by swimming the North Channel(between Ireland and Scotland). I wish both of them success in their final swim of the challenge.     The Ocean Seven Challenge is the swim equivalent of climbing the seven highest summits.  Each swim has a unique set of challenges.  The Oceans Sevens include the following:  1.  English Channel (between England and France).  2.  Strait of Gibraltar (between Spain and Africa).   3.  Catalina Channel (between Catalina Island and the mainland of California).   4. Cook Strait (between the North and South Island of New Zealand).  5.  Tsugaru Strait (between the islands of Honshu and Hokkaido in Northern Japan).  6. Irish Channel (between Ireland and Scotland).  7.  Molakai Channel (between the islands of Oahu and Molakai Islands in Hawaii). 
   I love a challenge....so I will be attempting the Oceans Seven.  I have already completed the English Channel, Catalina Channel, and the Strait of Gibraltar.   In September, I will be going to Japan to swim the Tsugaru Strait.  Also, I am booked to swim Cook Strait in New Zealand for the 2013 February/March swim season.   But in the meantime, I continue to work as a nurse, involved in a very busy family life...I help care for my three young grandchildren ( 3 1/2 years old, 17 months, and one month old), and promote "Swim for your Heart..Feb 14"to bring an awareness of heart disease and prevention,  and train for my marathon swims... My day is full and happy :-)

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