2017 English Channel swim

Friday, August 31, 2012

Tsugaru Strait....here I come!

In a few days I will be departing from the great state of Maine to attempt a solo swim across the Tsugaru Strait in Japan.  I will be swimming from the main island of Japan, Honshu to the north island of Hokkaido.  It will be the most challenging swim of my career.  So far this year, no swimmers have successfully crossed the 12 mile grueling channel from the eastern peninsula known for its strong currents and very windy conditions....mother nature dictated their outcome.  From the western peninsula two solo swimmers were successful, Stephen Redmond from Ireland and Darren Miller from the USA.  Also, a Japanese relay team had a successful crossing from the western peninsula. My slot is September 7 to the 14th. Since cell phone reception is poor in that location, the outcome of my swim will not be announced until we arrive back to our hotel and connect to Wi-Fi.  My family will make the announcement regardless of the outcome.  Crew member Yoko Aoshima and Pat Whitney will be a tremendous help during my swim.  It is a great honor for me to have them as my crew.  My swim will be dedicated to my young neighbor Sherri Kelley.  She has shown great strength and determination in fighting her cancer.  I will be thinking of Sherri and her husband Patrick and four young sons. I would like to thank my husband and children for being very supportive of my endeavors.  Also, many thanks to Lake Region Imports (Westbrook) for their support. A special thank you to my co-workers for their words of encouragement.  And, a special thank you to L.L.Bean for their quality swimsuit that I have worn for my English Channel, Strait of Gibraltar, and Catalina Channel swims....I'll be wearing it during my Tsugaru attempt.  Mother Nature will predict the outcome of my swim.  If I succeed, it will be a World Record for the oldest person to swim Tsugaru Strait at the age of 61.  If Mother Nature is not on my side, I will proudly return home knowing that I did my very best.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,
Great article about your amazing swimming feats in the paper this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and proudly told Rachel "I know her!". I take great inspiration from what you are doing, and I know many many other people do, too. It's just incredible and I wish you all the best. Good luck on the Japan trip. I will be rooting for you stroke by stroke. I very much look forward to reading all about it when you've had the chance to get your breath back! Go go go!!!
Matt Parks

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Pat. I enjoy following your endeavors and wish you the very best of luck. Here's to Mother Nature cooperating with you!
CE mom

Anonymous said...

We will be thinking of you! Good luck. You are an inspiration.