2017 English Channel swim

Friday, June 16, 2017

2017 English Channel swim....IT"S A GO!

I will attempt a solo crossing of the English Channel on Saturday morning June 17 at approximately 5  A.M. (England time).    England is 5 hours ahead of Eastern time zone.   For those back home in Maine,  my swim will start around midnight Friday night (Eastern Time Zone).   I will be swimming under the rules of the English Channel Swimming Association.   A channel official will be on board to monitor my swim.   My son Tom is my crew.  Many of you are aware that it was my son Tom who encouraged me nearly 20 years ago to try my very first open water swim in memory of my 34 year old brother Robbie who died suddenly of a heart attack.   Tom inspired me with his words, "Ma, you can do it, if you try."   Twenty years ago I considered myself a spectator mom.   I never imagined that I would fall in love with the sport of open water swimming.   My swim will be in memory of my brother Robbie and Johnny (who died at the age of 17 in a tragic school accident).
    Reg and Ray Brickell will be piloting the Viking Princess.  They will have a tracker activated the moment my swim commences.   Please click on the link below.  Once you have click on the link,  click the highlighted words  "view track".   You will be able to view the path of my swim.   Most channel swimmers will swim in an inverted "S" pattern due to strong currents.   Also, you may visit the English Channel Association website and click on "Live Tracking" and click on the Viking Princess.  Since a tracker is provided,   my daughter Sarah will not be posting updates.    Regardless of the outcome of my swim,  I will update my blog within 24 hours of completion of my swim.
      My swim will start from Shakespeare's Beach in England and I will swim 21 miles across the channel to France.   On Saturday my age will be 66 years and 135 days old.  My friend Sue Oldham of Australia is the current record holder for oldest woman.   She was 64 years and 258 days old when she set the record in 2010.   She will attempt to swim the channel again later this summer.  I wish her much success.   I firmly believe that it's important for the younger generation to know that marathon swimming can be a lifelong sport.     It's an adventure of a lifetime.


Vasanti said...

Absolutely amazing and inspiring - all the best! :)

BC11 Friends said...

You continue to amaze us. You are our "Maine" pride!!!!!
BC11 Friends

jcswimmom@msn.com said...

You are such an amazing and inspiring lady.Good luck to you.