2017 English Channel swim

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Photo shoot at Pine Point Beach

Today photographer Christaan Felber of New York City came to Pine Point Beach to do a photo shoot for Credit Suisse for their client-based magazine "The Bulletin".   Christaan is a remarkable photographer.  He is credited with photos in Time Magazine,  the New Yorker,  Rolling Stone, and numerous large sporting companies.  It was a fun-filled afternoon being photographed while swimming.   Also, many thanks to "Swimsuits for All" for providing the most beautiful swimsuits.   I love their swimsuits....comfortable,  colorful, and high quality.  Beautiful day at Pine Point!!!!
Many thanks to my sister-in-law Jean Murdoch-Gallant for being a tremendous help today.
Photo credit: Jean Murdoch-Gallant

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