2017 English Channel swim

Monday, May 21, 2018

Swimsuits for All.....Power Suit.

Today,  Swimsuits for All started promoting their new swimsuit line “Power Suits”...I love their swimsuits....beautiful and very good quality.  I would highly recommend their company not only for their great swimwear but for their support of diversity of all women.  .  It was such an honor to be included in a photo shoot with actress Brooke Shields, supermodel Ashley Graham, celebrity Angela Simmons, and Nurse Practioner Katie Duke.....all very powerful women.  To view Swimsuits for All video, please click on “view web version” at the bottom section of my blog.  Thank you.


Paula said...

Just heard that the bathing suit is out of Miss America but no matter....we have these powerful pics!

Unknown said...

Love this! Just to think my bff and I met you a year ago at PCC! Girl power! Love & Light, fellow RN!