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Monday, September 27, 2010

Favorite pool toy

During my early training season of pool workouts, I include the use of my favorite "pool toy"...velcro ankle straps by Speedo. With my ankles strapped together, I swim freestyle (front crawl) and I closely pay attention to my balance in the water. I use my core strength to stay balanced. If my hips start to drop, I'll adjust my stroke and core until I'm perfectly balanced. Also, if I start to fishtail (swaying) then I know that my pull is unequal and I need to focus on equal pulling. Don't kick. Likewise, if your not balanced during bilateral breathing, your legs will sink. During flip turns, focus on using your core muscles to turn. It's a challenging workout that requires the swimmer to focus on their swim technique and core strength. The use of velcro straps is recommended for the intermediate and advanced swimmer. I purchased Speedo ankle straps online for under ten dollars.....great pool toy for the money. Give it a try and you may find that it becomes your favorite pool toy, too.

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