2017 English Channel swim

Friday, April 29, 2011

First day of open water swimming in Maine

Today, I had my first open water swim of the season at Pine Point (Maine).  The Atlantic Ocean temperature was 43 degrees and the air temperature was 60. I acclimated to cold water without any difficulty....no signs of hypothermia.  My rule of thumb is to combine water temperature and air temperature. The combination must be 100 degrees or higher for me to swim without symptoms of hypothermia.  Every swimmers' body composition is different.  Some swimmers may need a combined temperature of 120 or they may develop hypothermia.  Wind chill is also a factor.  I will have double swim sessions three times a week (pool in the morning and ocean in the afternoon).  As the ocean temperature increases, I will extend the hours swimming in the ocean and decrease my pool swims.   The other three days I will swim for a couple of hours each day.  It's countdown to the English Channel....I can't wait :-)

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Brian Pettingill said...

You are amazing Pat! Loved the video and talking to you today at the Y in Freeport. Keep up the great work and I'll be in touch about my keywest swim. -Tina