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Monday, February 10, 2014

Swim for Your Heart....in Mexico

In Mexico, swimmers throughout the country will be going for a swim on Friday, February 14 to bring an awareness of heart disease and its prevention.  Swimming is known to be one of the very best exercise for cardiac wellness. My friend and marathon swimmer Antonio Arguelles of Mexico has organized a large event promoting swimming for the benefit of a healthy heart.  I applaud his dedication and hard work in organizing "Swim for Your Heart".  Antonio invited me to visit him and all the swimmers in Mexico City.  I accepted his wonderful invitation.  I will be meeting him on Thursday for a swim at Sport City Coyoacan, Mexico.  Sport City has been one of the major supporters of this event.  They have shown a strong commitment to bring attention to cardiac wellness in their country. They are leading the way on the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.  Also, Antonio has arranged a meeting with Miguel Angel Mancera, Mayor of Mexico City; Pablo Kuri Morales, Undersecretary of Health Prevention and Promotion, and Paul Smith the CEO of Grupo Marti.  It will be a great honor for me to meet these distinguished dignitaries.  Also, to promote the event in Mexico, a radio interview with Pablo Carrillo will take place on Thursday to help promote the event.
   I am inviting swimmers throughout the world to join us in thought and action by going for a swim on February 14 in your country and send a donation to your favorite heart charity.  "Swim for Your Heart" is a global swim event to bring an awareness of the benefits of swimming for heart health and to promote heart disease prevention.  Thank you.

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