2017 English Channel swim

Monday, July 27, 2015

Going home without a swim


docshock said...

PAT, So sorry to hear the news. So glad you have that Maine "stoicism" about this - not much that anyone can do about it. Hope to see you in Maine. Maybe you should come to CA and do one of the Santa Barbara Channel Swims. So disappointing after a promising start to the day.

Robyn Beeler-Nichols said...

I am so very sorry Pat. Once again Mother Nature rules!!!!! Sending you lots of hugs. I can't wait to see you!!!

Robyn from BC2

BC Friends said...

Pat, We are so sorry. There is a grand plan for you because you ARE such a classy marathon swimmer! We look forward to your return and to hear what your next venture is! Safe trip back home.

P J said...

You came, you saw and now you'll have to conquer later. Quinton's invitation for next year give you something to look forward to.
Can't wait to catch up with you at the pool.