2017 English Channel swim

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

English Channel Swimming Association Award

On Saturday, November 4th, 2017 my son Tom and I attended the CSA Annual Dinner and Presentation ceremony held in England.  The CSA function was held at the historic Town Hall in Dover.   It was a grand event with swimmers, crew, boat pilots, guests, and CSA administrators in attendance.   I was awarded the O’Clee Jubilee Trophy for Oldest Successful Swimmer.  Also, I was surprised with another award named the Mercedes Gleitze Trophy for Female Pioneer swim.  Mercedes’ daughter presented me with the award.  I was deeply humbled and honored to receive this prestigious award.  Mercedes was a legend in the marathon swim world.  She was the first person to swim the Strait of Gibraltar and first woman from Britain to swim the English Channel.  She left an incredible legacy of not only a prolific swim career but outstanding contributions in helping the homeless.  I had the great honor of meeting her daughter, son, grandson, and great-granddaughter.
I want to thank my son Tom for his encouraging words many years ago to swim the Peaks to Portland in memory of my brother Robbie.  I raised both trophies in recognition of my brother Robbie and Johnny.  Many thanks to my husband for his unending love and support.  Thank you to my daughter for her endless positive words. A special thank you to my former crew for always being very supportive.

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