2017 English Channel swim

Thursday, November 9, 2017

2017 English Channel Swimming Association Dinner and Presentation

     My son Tom and I had a fabulous time at the English Channel Swimming Association Dinner and Presentation evening.   The CSA did an incredible job in hosting this gala event.   We greatly enjoyed meeting many of our old friends and making new friends, too.   It was a memorable fun-filled evening!
    Two hours before the dinner,  my son and I went to the Dover Museum to watch a documentary film on swimming legend Mercedes Gleitze.  It was a wonderful 45 minute movie of her prolific swim career.   It was a great honor to meet Mercedes' beautiful family.  I brought my favorite book on marathon swimming, "Wind, Waves, and Sunburn" for them to autograph.   I was unaware that I was to be the first recipient of the Mercedes Glietze Trophy presented later that evening.   Receiving the prestigious Mercedes Gleitze Trophy and O'Clee Trophy was the highlight of my swim career.  I raised these distinguished trophies in memory of my brothers Robbie and Johnny.  A special heartfelt thank you to the CSA, Mercedes' family, my family and friends, and Viking Princess boat crew.

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