2017 English Channel swim

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mother nature wins this time

Today I attempted to swim Tsugaru Strait from the northern island of Hokkaido to the mainland of Honshu.  After swimming for nearly 4 hours in a circle due to
very strong currents, the official offered a restart.   I accepted.  I will probably swim on Thursday or Friday...depending on weather conditions.  My crew did a fantastic job.  Another swimmer, Anna Carin Nordin from Sweden decided to restart her swim after seven hours of swimming.  Anna is attempting to become the first woman in history to complete the Ocean's Seven Challenge.  Mother nature won this time, but we're hoping she will be kinder.  Both of us got stung by jellyfish about 50 times each.  Hopefully the next start  will be at a different location.  I will post tomorrow night about the next swim attempt.


Mary Ann Albert said...

I hope the currents calm down for you. Go Patty. I'll have a talk with Mother Nature!

Matthew Cameron Parks said...

Good luck, Pat! I hope the weather clears up for you. Matt

gear jane said...

Your a strong person Pat! 50 times from a jellyfish and I would've called it a day.

Good luck on your next swim and keep us posted.

Mother nature will take care of you =-D

BC said...

Mother Nature got the first swim but you will get the next!!!
We are wishing you well and hope the jellyfish stay away from you.
Good Luck Pat.

BC Friends