2017 English Channel swim

Friday, January 24, 2014

Mother Nature wins again...

After almost 10 hours of swimming and over 1/2 the distance traveled Pat Gallant-Charette's Cook Strait swim has ended.

Her crew reports:
"Swim over. made it half way. Ended due to Severe sea sickness. she is still vomiting. Boat pilot severe sickness too. very rough seas. She asked to get out is what is being said. can't talk to her yet, just got her wrapped up."

We're still so proud of you Mom/Pat!
Great job; love ya!
 -Sarah, Tom, Jim, Gallant family and all of your friends

I'm sure Mom will be updating her blog and answering your questions once she is back on solid land and rested. Thank you for following along on her swim journey :-)

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