2017 English Channel swim

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I just received an email from Mom "Pat Gallant-Charette"
as she waits in New Zealand for her marathon swim:

Hi Sarah, 
As far as my swim, weather has improved tremendously. Philip Rush will call me in 10 hours to confirm if it's a "go" for tomorrow. I will let you know as soon as I receive word.
If it is a "go", my swim will start around noon to 1p.m. Maine time zone on Thursday. Since New Zealand is 18 hours ahead, my swim will start between 6a.m. and 7a.m. on Friday.
I want you to be aware that text messages will be sent by Jeannie Pray Gallant who will be on the main boat. I have notice that some text messages that I have received from dad has been delayed. Jeannie has not had any issues with texting, but I heard that phone reception between the islands can "sometimes" be a problem.
Please let everyone know that my swim will be in memory of Matthew Rairdon. We will be wearing the "Westbrook Strong" t-shirts to show our support. Before my swim, I will mention Robbie and Johnny and their names will be on my forearm. Matt's name will be on my upper arm.
Other info: Cook Strait is 17 nautical miles with very strong tidal flow, aggressive marine life, I will be swimming between two boats. David and Philip Rush will be in the smaller zodiac boat and Jeannie will be in the larger boat with Philip's crew.
Please post on my blog updates due to several of my friends are not on Facebook. Refer Facebook friends to visit blog so you are not updating both sites.
I truly believe it will be a "go" for tomorrow . I will email you as soon as I receive confirmation.

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BC Friends said...

We are sending our positive energy for a great start and a safe finish! You are in our thoughts and prayers Pat.
BC Friends