2017 English Channel swim

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

boat crew reports Pat has been swimming for eight hours and still going strong.
She has gone through several fields of jellyfish and still pushing forward.
She was vomiting hourly in the beginning of her swim but that has subsided over the last few hours.
 The sea is very calm and she is about 6 miles away from where she needs to be.
 The boat pilot said it doesn't get much better than these weather conditions; he said it was probably the best day all year in Ireland!

This is the link to her boat tracker:  



Pat said...

Fingers crossed-checked the tracker and looks promising but do no know what the tides will be as she gets closer to the coast-9 1/2 hours looks good time for distance particularly with nausea and jelly fish-maybe the jellies help speed you up


Paula said...

Wonderful (except the jellies but....). Enjoy. You are much loved.

Robyn Beeler-Nichols said...

Swim Pat swim!!!!!!! I am welling up with tears of joy for you as you are almost there!!!!! Thank you Quinton for keeping my dear friend as safe as possible!!! BC2 loves you Pat!!!!! Sending you hugs!!!

Pat said...

Hope not to cause confusion-my comments are posting under Pat's name
Looks like on target for Portpatrick. Still to early to celebrate, and too late for a tee time at the local golf links but certainly looks promising on the tracker

Robyn Beeler-Nichols said...

Keep up the good work

Pat said...

Geoff-if anyone is not looking at the tracker currents must be really strong and have pushed Part north of Portpatrick. Tantalizing close to shore Google earth shows rocky headlands for a stretch then some nice beaches. This is killing me just watching-almost glad I am not there.

Pat said...

Geoff;last tracking point makes a sharp break towards the beach which suggests Pat has broken off the boat after rounding the headland and heading the last few hundred yards to the beach. I hate to start saying congratulations but it is hard to conceive of anything getting in her way after seeing that last 10 minute split time and vector