2017 English Channel swim

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Swim update:
She did it!!!!
My mom, Pat Gallant Charette, has completed her North Channel crossing (Ireland to Scotland), the oldest swimmer to make this crossing in the World in a time of 14hrs and 23minutes.
Holy. Smokes. Awesome!!!!!
Way to go Mom!
We're so proud of you!!! 👊🏻

 Mom will be posting an update to her blog soon


BC FRIENDS said...

OUR HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are soooooooooooooo happy for you Pat.

Paula said...

Great. Wonderful. Amazing. Congratuations Pat!

Nancy Sandreuter said...

You continue to amaze us Pat. Congratulations on an unbelievable accomplishment! You make
us proud every time you attempt any of these swims, successful or not. Just jumping in the water is an unbelievable feat. CHEERS!!
Nancy Sandreuter (Dyer)

Robyn Beeler-Nichols said...

Congratulations Pat!!! I was on pins and needles all day long at work!!! AnnMarie did not realize you were in the water until I told her. By 3:00 you were very close to shore, but not quite there so I don't know if she knows of your successful landing on shore!!!

I have been doing the happy dance!!!!!!!! Super congratulations on a job well done and a big congratulations to Quinton and crew!!!!!!!!

When are you flying home!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Well done!!!!!!!

pat said...

To all my friends at the Barren Center, Thank you for your heartfelt words.....I greatly appreciate it. You're the best!

pat said...

Paula, Thank you for your words of congratulations.

pat said...

Nancy, Thank you for your kind words. I greatly appreciate it. I have the Ocean's Seven's pillow that you made me in a very honored place. Thank you again.

pat said...

Robyn, Thank you for your many heartfelt words. You're the best.

pat said...

Thank you for your posting. It's very much appreciated.

pat said...

To all my dear friends of BCII, thank you for cheering me on and sending words of congrats. I appreciate it very much.

pat said...
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