2017 English Channel swim

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Upcoming North Channel swim

My next marathon swim will be a solo attempt of the grueling North Channel between Ireland and Scotland.   It is regarded as one of the most challenging swims in the world due to very cold water temperatures,  prolific blooms of jellyfish, and unpredictable weather.  At the age of sixty-five, I am looking forward to this incredible adventure. My biggest concern is the weather.  Last year my crew and I waited for nearly two weeks for winds to calm and it never happened.  I returned to Maine without a swim.  I'm hoping that Mother Nature will bless the Channel with calm conditions.  My boat pilot is Quinton Nelson (awesome pilot).  I will swim under the rules governed by the Irish Long Distance Swimming Association.  My crew will consist of my son Tom and good friend friend Fergal Somerville of Dublin.  Fergal will activate his tracker the day of my swim (I will post link). This tracker will post live tracking updates every ten minutes.  My slot is August 26 to the 30th.  This will be my 5th swim of the Ocean's Seven. I have completed the Strait of Gibraltar, Tsugaru Strait, English Channel, and Catalina.
I have carefully tweaked my plans for a successful crossing of the North Channel.   I will be wearing a scopalomine patch and take an antiemetic before the swim starts.  A few weeks ago I did not wear a patch or take a prescription antiemetic before my English Channel solo attempt.  After 10 hours and 30 minutes of swimming, my swim was aborted due to severe motion sickness (uncontrollable vomiting).  It was a huge mistake on my part. I presumed after two years of no motion sickness during my training swims that I would not have any issues the day of my EC attempt...WRONG!!!!  Live and learn!  Keeping my fingers crossed for calm conditions and no further issues with motion sickness.
  Many thanks to my family and friends for their ongoing encouragement and support. Now, onto the next adventure.

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