2017 English Channel swim

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cancelled swim

I spoke with Philip Rush this evening and storms continue near the South Island.  My swim has been cancelled for Monday.  My crew and I will be leaving New Zealand on Wednesday.  Phil offered me a slot for 2014......I will be coming back to attempt Cook Strait.  I would like to thank my crew for being so supportive.  Also, many thanks to my family at home.  Also a special thank you for all the wonderful emails and Facebook messages received from friends and co-workers.... it was very much appreciated.  A special thank you to L.L Bean's for outfitting my crew and  I with Gor-tex jackets.....we wore these jackets everyday.   It kept us warm and dry during some very rainy days.  My future plans in marathon swimming:  North Channel late August 2013, Cook Strait in 2014,  Molaki Channel at a later date.


Paula said...

Oh dear.....Well, at least you've now scoped their sea out. On to a lovely summer in Maine and later, Ireland!!

BC friends said...

Hi Pat
The weather gods do not know your determination! It wasn't meant to be for 2013. Another square in the quilt of life. Take care of you.

Your BC friends

Erin said...

how disappointing, but at least you have some amazing swims planned...your brother casted my broken ankle this march and he told me about all the incredible swims you have tackled :) i'll look forward to following your journey...best wishes...erin :)

Robyn Beeler-Nichols said...

My heart breaks for you and your dedicated crew!!! I can't wait to see you!!!!!