2017 English Channel swim

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Zealand....Here we come!

Today, my crew and I are leaving for New Zealand for an adventure of a lifetime.  I would like to thank my stay-at-home crew for their ever loving support....My husband and children are a major part of my success.  Their words of encouragement are heartfelt.  Also, sending special thanks to my family (mom, brothers, sisters, in-laws, nieces and nephews)friends and co-workers, too.  And, a very special thank you to L.L. Bean for their quality swim wear and clothing.  I will be wearing the same BeanSport swim suit for my Cook Strait swim...I've worn this suit for my Strait of Gibraltar, English Channel, Catalina and Tsugaru Strait swim....and it still looks brand new.
And finally, many years ago when my brother Robbie died at such a young age of 34, my youngest child Tom encouraged me to swim the Peaks to Portland as a tribute to Robbie. As many of you know, Robbie had won the Peaks to Portland twice.  Tom encouragingly said , "Ma, you can, if you try!".  I will be thinking of Robbie when I swim Cook Strait along with all the other people who have inspired me.  Robbie's son Chris will be at my side in a small boat.  Prior to my swim, Chris will write the name of his dad on my arm, along with my brother Johnny's name. I will be thinking of each one of you and we will cross Cook Strait together. 


Nitsirk said...

Best of luck. Wishing you good weather and favorable tides!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Pat! Ron and I are thinking about you! Hope you have a nice weahter....


Penny said...


Here's to the inspiration you provide for all of us over 60 ers who have learned to love to swim. Your going 'out there' wherever the next challenge lies, encourages each of us to keep reaching!

Swim well, swim safely and swim happy!


BC Friends said...


We are wishing you well. Our thoughts and good wishes are with you as you swim your dream.

BC Friends

Robyn Beeler-Nichols said...

We miss you at BC II, but we all know you will be back. Wishing you to realize your dream. Success comes in many ways!!!!!! Happy swimming!!!!! Enjoy,

Robyn from BC iI

Amelie said...

This is cool!