2017 English Channel swim

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Still waiting

Cook Strait update:  No swim for Sunday (April 21) due to weather conditions.  I'm still hoping for improved weather.  Monday is the last day of my slot.


lgerber said...

Sending thoughts and prayers for calm seas, a warm tailwind, and successful crossing on Monday for you Pat.


BC Friends said...

Perhaps the weather gods are keeping the best for Monday. We continue to send you and your crews our thoughts and prayers.

Your BC friends

Paula said...

Yes, the best for last! I am swimming for you this morning, Pat.

Raining here but nice. I think of how quickly Maine will green-up now!

Many cheers for Monday.
: )

Henley18 said...

I hope I am wrong but the forecast for Monday appears to have deteriorated compared with yesterday-now they are showing 14-19 knot winds and a small boat advisory. It has been calm in Melbourne for the last two days but the calm weather seems to be having trouble crossing the Tasman. I give it whatever nudge I can from here. Nail biting time.

pat said...

Thank you for sending positive thoughts. Praying for improved weather.

Robyn Beeler-Nichols said...

You are in my thoughts!!!! I hope you get a chance to swim!!!!!