2017 English Channel swim

Thursday, August 2, 2018

2018 Lake Tahoe swim

I will attempt a solo swim of the 22.6 mile length of Lake Tahoe on Monday, August 6 or Tuesday, August 7 (weather permitting).  My boat pilot will be Tom Linthicum and I will have an Observer to authenticate my swim.   My crew consist of my nephew Christopher Gallant (Robbie's son) and my sister-in-law Jean Murdoch-Gallant.  They are highly trained and experienced crew members.      Part of their training for my upcoming swim is knowing the negative effect of high-altitude caused by low amounts of oxygen.   They know the signs, symptoms, and treatment for high altitude sickness.   Hopefully, I will not experience any significant adverse effect from swimming at such a high altitude, but its best to be prepared.    My hometown in Maine is 75 feet above sea level.   Lake Tahoe in California is 6,225 feet above sea level.  Usually athletes will arrive several days before a competition to become acclimated to the altitude.   Because of my busy schedule,  I will arrive on Sunday and swim on Monday evening (weather permitting).   I have crossed trained with a high altitude mask to mimic the lower oxygen levels.  This mask has had mixed reviews on its effectiveness.  Also, for the past six months I have taken an iron supplement to help with the production of additional red blood cells for the transport of oxygen.   Prior to all my swims, I am very well hydrated with water.
    Feed plan:  Swim for two hours then quickly consume a carbohydrate drink.   Thereafter, every hour feeds alternating with A: carbohydrate drink.    B: plain water with a 250 calorie food item.
       My swim will take me about 17 hours to complete.   I will start at Camp Richardson in South Lake Tahoe and swim 22.68 miles north to Hyatt Beach.
   I would like to thank Swimsuits for All for their sponsorship for my Tahoe swim.  I will be wearing one of their beautiful swimsuits.   I love this company because of their promotion of diversity among all women.    Swimsuits for All recognizes the beauty of women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.
     My swim will be in memory of my brothers Robbie and Johnny, and my mother who recently died at the age of 93.    Chris will write his dad's and my brother's names on my arm.   Jean will write my mother's name.
   I would like to thank my husband,  children, and grandchildren and friends for their ongoing encouragement and support.   And, a special thank you to my training partner Yoko Aoshima for her ongoing advice.
   I will have a GPS Spot tracker that will be on the boat during my swim.  I will be swimming between my kayaker (Chris/Jean) and the main boat.   This tracker will be activated 10 minutes prior to the start of my swim.   I will post an update on the exact time and date of my upcoming swim on Monday, August 6.   Please click on the tracking link below:


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