2017 English Channel swim

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Praying to the Channel Gods

July 18, 2009 12:19:45 PM EDT
No change in the weather condition-- very windy all day. I swam in Dover Harbor this morning and I met Alison Streeter 's (world record holder for the most crossings in the English Channel ) mother at the beach. Her mother Freda was inducted in the International Swim Hall of Fame for her coaching. She is nicknamed "the general". And I can see why--- with a cigarette butt in her mouth, she was bloody yelling at the swimmers to stay in the harbor and swim, swim, swim. I had a good laugh.
I was not going to do any sightseeing but my son Tom convinced me to visit Canterbury Church for a short time. He could tell that I was still focused on my swim ---- I lit a candle, kneeled in prayer, and asked a priest to say a prayer for calm winds.--- I believe I covered all bases. And for good luck, I asked the Channel Gods for mercy. No harm in asking

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