2017 English Channel swim

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

another update

July 21, 2009 3:28:58 PM EDT
I spoke with my boat pilot a few minutes ago. He said that Wednesday's weather report shows improvement starting in the evening and Thursday looks good. He said to plan for a 1 AM start on Thursday.(England time zone)---- 8pm in Maine on Wednesday. I feel very confident that my swim will not be cancelled. Every swimmer here is talking about the great weather conditions coming in on Thursday. I will get the final updated weather report from him at 5 PM Wednesday ( noon eastern time). I will let everyone know shortly after hearing the final report. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Hey Patty, cousin jeanine .sending good energy your way, you are an inspiration and cannot wait to see you and just chat. One of your old Nursing teachers saw you on 207 she is also excited for you Elise Minor is her name and was surprised I knew you.

Be Well..............

maurya said...

So excited for you! This is going to be the one. I'll be cheering from you from MA! You are incredible!