2017 English Channel swim

Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's a GO....then quickly a NO go.

What a roller coaster ride of emotions. My brothers and I were getting in the car to head to the marina when we got the call that the swim was cancelled due to sudden change in the weather. The boat pilot asked me to call him at 3pm saturday (maine) to see about a 2 am swim on Sunday. This is my last chance because my brothers fly out on Monday. We will NOT reschedule.
I cannot believe what's happening.
I want to thank you all for all your words of encouragement and emails. I will make another post when I get the FINAL word whether or not my swim will take place.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pat

It's 3pm EST now. I am thinking many positive thoughts and sending them to you that you will soon be in the Channel! You know that you are our Champion regardless of where you swim!!!

Your friends at BC11