2017 English Channel swim

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not This Year-Thanks to all my supporters

July 26, 2009 5:08:20 PM EDT
I will be returning to Maine without an attempt to cross the English Channel. Today the winds continued and my boat pilot said that although the winds would decrease for a short time this afternoon, it was not good for a crossing. I appreciated his honesty. I have trained hard for the past few years for this day but it was not meant to be for THIS year. My boat pilot is already booked for next summer. So, I have booked another attempt for August 2011, #1 slot, second neap tide. This grandma from Maine is very determined and I will not throw in the towel due to inclement weather. My plans for 2010 will be to swim two marathon swims--Catalina Channel (California) and the Strait of Gibraltar in Spain. I want to thank everyone for their many words of encouragement and support. I am so proud to live in the great state of Maine. I have received wonderful words of support from so many people throughout the state.......I can't thank you enough. A special thank you to Geoff and Conde for creating and updating my blog. And a special thank you to my family and friends who were a major support. To my crew---Brothers Tom, Paul, and Bill, son Tom, and nephew Joe----I greatly appreciate everything you have done. And lastly to my husband Jim---thank you for encouraging me to reach for my dream.


Anonymous said...


Sherri and I and the boys have been talking about your swim all weekend. Hoping and praying the weather would let you conquer your dream. I saw you at Pine Point 4 weeks ago on a Sunday. We saw you swimming as soon as we got to the beach and watched you swim all day. We had no idea who you were- I had brought my wetsuit that day to do a little training for my next TRiathlon and was BLOWN AWAY at how cold the water was. I was actually thinking about getting out- but kept thinking about about the lady in the yellow swim cap.
That day I marvelled at the endurance you had for cold water and continuos swimming. This week a friend sent me an e mail of you on the front page of the paper. I had allready told about a dozen people about the lady that was swimming at the beach for hours and hours. My whole family and I am sure most of Pine point beach were amazed watching you! Anyways it was a mind blower to find out it was my neighbor.

while camping this weekend I would pull up your blog on my I Phone to share the updates with my friends and family. Hoping and praying you would have the chance to conquer.

Anyways we are extreemly proud of your accomplishments and excited about your future.

Best Wishes for a safe trip and comfort in your letdown.

Can we have you guys for a BBQ sometime?... we would love to hear more.

Pat, Sherri, Dillon, Kade, Chase and Mitchell Kelley... your neighbors.

(just on more tidbit- Mitchell asked me if we were also famous because we lived next to you!!)

cglorie said...

I am amazed you already are past your low point and making plans for the next attempt. You've probably made a far greater positive impact than swimming the entire Channel; although, don't et that stop you. Congratulations on a grand example of grace and dignity in the midst of enormous disappointment.
Perhaps you already know, but the best known miracle, feeding 5,000 (not inclucing women and children) with a little bit of fish and bread, happened on the event of Jesus' biggest personal loss. When He learned his cousin, John, had been beheaded he just wanted to be alone, but the crowds were anxious to hear more. He set aside his feelings until later, stayed an entire day with them until evening when all were hungry and there was nothing left to eat. Voila! He fed them. All! And lots left over to spare.
So it will be for those around you. The next months will simply be gravy for the ones cheering you on. You go, Girl. You've won the greater victory already.