2017 English Channel swim

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I met with Reg Brickell (boat pilot) and he has taken #2 slot out for his swim today. I will be next. # one slot did not swim. He thought that I may swim either on Saturday or Sunday depending on the wind. I will get more info on Friday. Today, one swimmer ended her swim two hours after her start due to hypothermia (water temp low 60's). I'm so glad that I started my cold acclimation in April. It has really helped. I am very well acclimated to the Channel.


Swimming for ME said...

Good luck Pat! We are rooting for you back in Maine and will think of you while we swim Peaks to Portland next Saturday. Here's hoping for calm winds!

Kurt P. said...

go get'em Pat! We will be following you from the Freeport Y!