2017 English Channel swim

Monday, August 22, 2011

6 miles into swim and still going strong....

Mom has been in the water for just over 4 hours and has completed 6 miles of her crossing of the English Channel; she continues to look strong. Conditions are OK (no further details from boat crew), just that she is doing fine.


Henley18 said...

Sarah; thanks for the update.
I do not see anything on the SPOT Tracker!
I am keeping the faith.

Henley18 said...

We have been checking tracker overnight to no avail.
I have noticed on some of the other boats that they did not turn on until well into the swim so I still am hoping someone will flip the switch.
Good to hear that conditions are OK even if less than ideal. Sounds like she may be a bit off her normal pace but if all holds what would be your guess on the time?
I plan on checking conditions at Sandettie and Wissant.

Frances Anderson said...

keep on going girl you can do it say hello to france for me. I am so excited for you Frances xxx

Henley18 said...

Sandettie light is showing wave heights on 0.7 ft with high pressure still building-winds from the north at 13 knots. Wissant is showing winds forecast at less than 5 knots through to about 7 PM when they are forecast to pick up. Wave heights around 1.5 ft.
It looks like conditions may deteriorate by evening over there so Pat's overall timing still looks OK as long as conditions do not slow her too much.

Jane Hoover said...

Thank you for your posts, Sarah.
Pat and Crew:
We're all in this with you, hoping and praying.
To France! For Robbie!
Love, Jane

Jane Hoover said...

Thank you, Sarah.
To Pat and Crew:
We're all in this with you, hoping and praying.
Here's to France, to Robbie! to you, Pat!
Love, Jane

quoddynative said...


Virginia Wilder Cross said...

Godspeed! You are on the TV news, so LOTS of people are following you!! Ginny and Don (Gorham)