2017 English Channel swim

Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's a Go !

I will be starting my English Channel attempt on Monday, August 22 at 3:30  A.M.   In Maine (Eastern time zone)  my swim will start tonight at 10:30 P.M. England is 5 hours ahead.   Since everyone back home will be going to bed. I told my daughter not to update my blog until morning.   My boat pilot said the conditions are not the best. There is currently some 9 foot swells.  He said that it might worsen.  If I don't make the attempt tonight, I would probably be going home without a swim.  The remainder of the week has very poor weather conditions with high winds.  So I have decided to take a chance and go for it. There is a tracking website called AIS, location is Dover, England.  The vessel is named the Viking Princess.  You will be able to track my swim live.  I am worried that my crew might develop motion sickness from the swells.  Please pray for calm seas for all of us. 


Virginia Wilder Cross said...

You have our prayers!!!!! We will follow you online, every once of the way! We hope you can feel all the good prayers.... Ginny and Don ( Gorham)

Virginia Wilder Cross said...

That should have read every inch, not ounce...I was so excited to see your update that I typed too fast.

kinge35@yahoo.com said...

Phil Pat and I are cheering for you back here in Maine!
We know you can do it!
Phil Einger and Pat Desjardins

Henley18 said...

Pat; does not sound great but I can understand the choice. Hopefully the seas will calm. This does not sound fun for either you or the crew. Shaping up to be a tough swim. If it can be swum in these conditions I have faith that you are that person.
Our thoughts and hopes are with you.
I will probably stay up late to see if I can locate the tracker and then early AM so will be a short night here as well.
For Robbie and Christopher-----and Pat.

Henley18 said...

For anyone who has trouble finding it the website for tracking is

The is a listing of boats they are tracking.

When Pat's swim starts I assume the Viking Princess will show up on the list.

Rick Charette said...

So glad to hear that you are going for it Pat. We are hoping that the weather will improve as you beginning your adventure. Let's hope the Maine expression will apply: "If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes." We will be staying tuned. Go Pat Go!

Anonymous said...

We are in your corner. You are a winner and can do this!

Carol and Greg Brook

Henley18 said...

GPS SPOT is very interesting. One person is heading back on a double crossing, another has been swept way north to Calais and another looks 2/3 of the way and on course. At least it shows people still out there swimming with success.
"May the FORCE be with you"

cbeck52 said...

My thoughts and prayers and positive energy are coming your way. I believe you can do it. Will be keeping track of your progress. Hugs to you and your crew. Sea bands work well for sea sickness.LOL Stay strong and God Speed

Chris Beckwith Huot

Natty said...

Go Pat! We are cheering for you from the Freeport Y! Our prayers and good energy are with you! All the best....safe landings! Nat & Betsy Warren-White

Bonnie Smith said...

We're following you closely. Our prayers are with you and we hope the seas calm. One stroke at a time, Pat!