2017 English Channel swim

Friday, August 19, 2011

Dover update

I spoke with my boat pilot this evening.  And, the best possible crossing for me would be on Monday or Tuesday.  Several swimmers have been out today and they were successful with very fast times.  Since I'm a slow swimmer, I have to wait for a weaker tidal flow. Tuesday is the weakest tide.  However, wind may be another problem...a cold front is expected.  I'll update tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Carol Pray Brook and Greg Brook are rooting for you.


Michael said...

Yee haw! Go, Pat, go!

Virginia Wilder Cross said...

Ginny, Don, Anne, Chic are all here waiting and watching AND praying that you get the break you have more than earned!

Kathryn Collins said...

I am Liz Beilock's sister Kathryn from Boston. I think you are fantastic and wish you every good thing on your journey. Liz also sends her best wishes and love. As you know, she is computer-phobic so I am carrying her message to you. y partner Maureen and I will be following you on you adventures. You are an inspiration!

Bonnie Smith said...

There are a lot of people behind you, Pat! Go! Go! Go!