2017 English Channel swim

Monday, August 22, 2011

4 miles to go....

I heard from the boat crew at aprox 11 hours into swim at 09:50a.m. Eastern time zome (2:50pm England time) that Pat has 4 miles to go and has started to fight the currents going in towards shore to finish her swim.


Virginia Wilder Cross said...

OMG, this is really so exciting!!! Please, God, let Your current go with Pat....Ginny and Dod, Anne and Chic

Kristine Hersey said...

We have been following from Worcester MA. This sounds like good news...only(?) 4 miles left..we're praying that your strength holds out against the currents. Swim Pat swim!

Melissa Wiedmann said...

Go Pat!!!!

Henley18 said...

Time for those practice sprints to start kicking in.
I did just get confirmation from Michael Oram that Reg did not have a SPOT so we are hanging on every post.
Hope the boss is not monitoring my internet use today.
Only a couple of P2P left.
Do you know whether they are on course for Wissant or somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

We are pulling for you! Keep up the pace!

Greg And Carol Brook