2017 English Channel swim

Monday, August 22, 2011

Over half way across....

I heard word at 06:30a.m. eastern time (11:30a.m. England time and just over 7 hours in the water) that Pat is 1/2 way across the English Channel. Weather is cloudy and rainy; water conditions are choppy (Pat thrives in choppy water).........she is still looking strong in the water, but currently nauseous from the boat exhaust.


Virginia Wilder Cross said...

Halfway! You are going to make it is time! Thank you for keeping the blog updated...so many of us are holding our breaths! Ginny and Don, Anne and Chic

Henley18 said...

Thanks for keeping the updates going Sarah. It looks like there is no SPOT so you are the sole link.
Hopefully the "total body confusion training" is standing Pat in good shape with fumes and chop.
I am hoping looking at the data that the last 1/3 may be easier going.

Maria, AB Business Services said...

i am so blown away by your courage and endurance. it is such an inspiration to all of us weekend athletes.
Thanx Sarah for keeping this blog up to date..i will keep it open all day today while i work, and continue to say prayers each time it catches my eye.
I will pray for continuous protection!
Maria, from AB Business Services

Rick Charette said...

Way to go Pat! Thanks Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Pat. We're thinking of you and watching your progress on the blog. Thanks Sarah..

Dick and Sylvia Payeur

Paula said...

Yeah, Pat! I swam some extra lengths this morning in honor of you, when I heard you were in. Cheers,
Paula from the Y