2017 English Channel swim

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sea conditions....

The sea continues to be rough and Pat is stuck in an outgoing tide...but she swims on.
The crew has informed me that they all have their fingers crossed.

Will continue to keep you all updated.


Kristine Hersey said...

She is amazing

Virginia Wilder Cross said...

How close is she? Does anyone know?

Henley18 said...

Just keep on swimming Pat.
Sarah; are you sure she is not just counting names off that list? If she keeps stringing us out she will be closing in on her predicted 16 hours. Tide does not swing until 12:30 PM Greenwich time so she is probably fighting the worst of it right now. As long as Reg sticks with her and there is no risk of ending up being swept too far away she will get in. She has the determination and stamina (and she will kill me for saying this-obsession-I really meant passion Pat) to hang in there.

Leslie Bridgers said...

Hi all,

I'm a reporter for the Portland Press Herald keeping our readers updated on Pat's progress. I'll be writing a story for tomorrow's paper and would love to talk to anyone who's been keeping an eye on the blog and rooting for Pat. Please send me an email at lbridgers@pressherald.com