2017 English Channel swim

Monday, August 22, 2011

Swim time under 16 hours....

I just got a phone call from the boat crew.
Everyone is sick and throwing up due to the rough water conditions of the return boat ride...."boat ride from hell" is what they are calling it.
No official time or miles to report; just that the swim time was under 16 hours.
When they hit land, they will call to give the final details of swim.
Will continue to keep you all posted.


Anonymous said...

Wow! It wounded like a rough ride.I know it was worth it for all of them.
I am so glad that Chris got to be there on this trip.
Way to go Pat! I am sure Robbie is so proud!
That sounds like a really fast time.
We are all very proud of you!
Love, Erin & family

quoddynative said...





Anonymous said...

Enjoy your celebration Pat! All of Maine is proud of you tonight!
Ron & Yumi

Virginia Wilder Cross said...

I hope the seasickness leaves quickly so you can celebrate in style. We are still so excited for you.. Ginny et al from Gorham!

Anonymous said...

Great job Pat!
I knew you would do it, although with the rough seas, I was not so sure about your crew :)
Doug Pride

Henley18 said...

Glad I am not there. I am sure for them it is hell but it is going to add to the stories of this chapter in the swimming career of Pat Charette.
It also serves to make one realize that if she had started a few hours later the window may have closed and 2009 may have been revisited

Natty said...

Fabulous news! Huge congrats to the whole team and especially to Her Patship! Well-done! All of us in Maine and at the Casco Bay Y are cheering for you! Safe home! We oughta have a parade in your honor! Cheers and hugs, Nat & Betsy Warren-White in SoFreeMe

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Pat!!!! What an accomplishment. We are so happy for you and glad we had the chance to meet you at the Mended Hearts meeting. You have made all of us who live in Maine, especially Westbrook, very proud! You are certainly an inspiration. Be well and have a safe journey home!
Ellen & Mark Munson
Westbrook, Maine

gail.crocker@me.com said...

Congratulations Pat!!! Yahoo!! You rock! I'm so happy for you. My memories of the English Channel in 1969 from the deck of a ferry were not good! Channel was so rough they had stretchers waiting when we docked. I'm truly amazed and inspired by your swim and you! Take time to rest and celebrate..Gail Crocker...aka CrocMama

momasbx2 said...

Congratulations Pat!!! You are such an inspiration to your family, friends, and people around the world. You have made Westbrook proud!

Beth Foster Busque and Family

Big Rick`s Channel Swim Team said...

Pat..you are just amazing..great swimming young lady.;-)) paul x

Anonymous said...

BRAVO!!!!! You are an amazing woman to have accomplished such a feat!! I am just a local woman who was following your blog and I was just so excited that you made it that I had to let you know. BRAVO!!!

Paula said...

I do hope that you all are fully recovered from that rough ride and are enjoying some vacation time. Best wishes to you all and have a safe trip back.


Henley18 said...

Have you spoken to Pat Sarah.
I assume they made it back to Dover safe and sound even if they left a "chum trail" along the way.
What a great day yesterday was, for Pat and everyone that has followed her adventure.
Looking forward to seeing more details and seeing Pat back in ME.
I am not superstitious however when you had made the post about Pat running into problems and I went to post a comment and the Word Verification was blue letters spelling "help!" It did make me hesitate a moment before I concluded the best way to help was to publish the post.

sarah charette midgley said...

Geoff, I spoke to her last night before she went to bed. She was Exhausted and motion sick. No one has spoken to her today as far as I know. I got a text this morning to say they were all feeling great. Surprised we have not gotten a phone call or email.... Or even a blog update! I just can not wait to hear details.

There is going to be a police escort arranged when she arrives back home. As usual, I will keep you all posted :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Pat. You are my hero!

Henley18 said...

Thanks Sarah. It did not sound like anyone would have been too chipper last night. Glad to hear they are feeling better today. Even though their are a lot of successful crossings I suspect that ones likes Pat's yesterday create quite a buzz within the swimmers and media in Dover and the UK. There may never be the rekindling of intereset that there was in the Gertrude Ederlee days however in countries like Australia and the UK her swim will have received far more attention than it has here. Today is probably going by in a blur.