2017 English Channel swim

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Waiting and waiting and waiting in Dover

The English Channel has had calm conditions for the past few days.  The tidal flow continues to be very strong for a slow swimmer.  My boat pilot still thinks that Tuesday into Wednesday would be the best time for me to start my swim.   However, I've been checking all the local weather stations and it seems that on those days it will be very windy. I'm letting my boat pilot make the decision when I'll swim.  But,it has been very difficult to see other swimmers cross the channel in very calm conditions. My crew is keeping me calm.  They have been so supportive.   I will get the update from my boat pilot this evening....I'm hoping that he will tell me that my swim will start on Monday. Thank you for all the great emails of support...It has been a tremendous help.

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Anonymous said...

This is kind of like waiting to see if we're going to be getting a N'orEaster, isn't it? Except for the cold air--hang in there, Patty. Praying for your successful swim!! Love ya', Judi